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Interested in our personalized charcuterie boards?


We now offer a variety of charcuterie boards!  You won't find these on our store page right now as we can't seem to make them fast enough.  We can customize just about anything you like on these or get them in their natural state without anything on them at all.  If you have your own wood and would like us to do something with it for you, we would be happy to check it out!!

Prices vary depending on the wood type and size.  Smaller boards without any special engraving typically start around $45.  Larger, more complex boards with engraving could be over $200+.

We will continue to put pictures here so that you can see some of the items we have come up with.  If you'd like us to work on something for you, please reach out.  We'd be happy to discuss your price range and ideas. 


You can truly come up with very unique gift ideas with these beauties!

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